This competition is now closed. 

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Rosevelt


We are thrilled to announce our very first art competition. From the start, ESTILA has been all about offering opportunities to anyone who is creative, talented and different. We love discovering the yet-undiscovered, giving them the platform to share their story and creative talent. While popularity is dominating the creative industry and social media, our mission is to make our competition fair. That’s why we came up with the idea of a theme, allowing you to be creative and expressive as much as you want to be. Before entering the competition, please read the brief below.


As we are living through time of change, we would like you to capture your interpretation of what the world and our planet is currently undergoing and where it is potentially heading. How do you see the future?

Draw from your own environment, experiences, imagination and inspiration, paint portraits, express yourself with an art collage, create an abstract drawing, captivate us with futuristic landscapes, cityscapes or create imaginative muses and heroes. We want to see them all.


Why should you enter? We have great opportunities and prizes for you to win including:
+ gallery representation
+ ESTILA bookazine cover story
+ ESTILA CIRCLE membership
+ mini session with judges


We will open a virtual gallery page shortly. In the meantime, here are some of the entries we received so far. Please support and follow all artists on social media and come back for updates.


Sharing our passion for art and finding and supporting new talent, we would like to introduce you to our judging panel who kindly provide their time and resources for free.


Founder of Beautalists & Owner of RUNWAY GALLERY
Daniel Syrett is a contemporary artist who worked for 20 years as an accomplished textile designer and fashion stylist before moving into the world of fine art. Known for his striking abstract designs created by using nail polish, Dan is also the owner of Runway Gallery - a fashion focused art gallery and the virtual home of Beautalism. Made up of a group of artists who stand as the antithesis of the urban, East London art scene, the creations of the Beautalists are far from gritty. The artists themselves are a diverse group of eccentrics and misfits who use an array of mediums, their art ranges from the traditional to the obscure. One thing they all have in common is a drive to elevate art by returning to beauty.


Interior Designer & Art Collector
Award-winning interior designer Anouska Lancaster is the owner of Noushka Design, a forward thinking UK based design company specialising in creating spaces tailor made to the individual. Her signature style can be described as fun, quirky, colourful and joyous. Anouska is also a well respected interiors journalist, presenter and stylist. As a supporter of emerging creative talent, she works with independent interiors brands, textile and pattern designers and artists to deliver wow factor interiors.


Artist, Photographer & co-Editor of IRK Magazine
Paris based Julien Crouigneau is an accomplished Renaissance Man in the creative fields of design, photography and art direction. Having started his career with STARK over 25 years ago, he is now the Creative Director for cosmetic product design at Mazarine Atelier Pascalie in Paris, where he has worked with renowned brands such as Helena Rubinstein, Prada, Lancome, Louboutin, Shu Uemura, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and more. With Mia Macfarlane, he is a sought after fashion and art photographer under their pseudonym French Cowboy. He is a known graphic designer as well; having been published in over 10 reference books for his innovative graphic design. Finally, he is the co-Creative Director and co-Editor-in-Chief of IRK Magazine and is a sought after fashion and art photographer.


Owner of Oneoffto25 art gallery
Jasmine Rosten-Edwards is the founder and owner of Oneoffto25 art gallery that specialises in selling original art, limited editions and prints by established and emerging artists and gives them a platform to showcase their talents. Jasmine also offers an art consultancy, curation and interior styling service. With over twenty years of art buying experience within the contemporary art market plus an Executive MBA degree she understands the complex relationship between business strategy, brand management, consumer behaviour and evolving market forces.


Laura Allnatt is a co-founder of ROOME LONDON, a luxury furniture brand on a mission to elevate furniture pieces to works of art. With over 20 years of experience in the fashion and art worlds, including the launch of the cult shoe label Laura J London which graced the pages of Vogue and was stocked by Poste Mistress and other luxury shoe boutiques, Laura started ROOME LONDON with her sister Caroline. Their aim was to combine the beauty of a painted canvas with the functionality of furniture, elevating every interior while creating a stylish form of self-expression. Driven by the belief that spaces should represent those who dwell in them, great emphasis has been placed on each bespoke piece of furniture telling its own story – with each print imbuing a different personality.


Brand Storyteller & Editor-in-Chief of ESTILA
As a multidisciplinary creative and business owner Karolina Barnes started her business journey at the age of 14 when her parents founded a successful wholesale and distribution firm in the fireplace industry. After gaining her degree in economics and business studies, she ran the UK branch of her family business as well as running other businesses in various industries. A brain tumour diagnosis made her re-evaluate her life, initially retraining as an interior designer and two years later she founded ESTILA - platform and community for lifestyle brands, interior designers and artists. Additionally, Karolina is a Creative Director and Brand Storyteller at STUDIO/ESTILA, a design studio and consultancy that specialises in developing experiential brand strategies and strategic brand collaborations for design and lifestyle businesses.


To enter this competition you will be asked to fill out an entry form. After payment, you can submit your art work any time before the deadline. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept submission after midnight 30th November 2020.